About Us

About VogueStar

VogueStar is a fraternity of women that organizes national-level beauty pageants in India. The company is registered under the name VogueStar Horizons Pvt. Ltd.

VogueStar, as a platform, offers an inclusive space for women where they can create unique identities for themselves. The idea is to acknowledge women from across the country without making them compromise on their individualities.

The platform is primarily virtual and functions through an online mode for the majority of its plan. However, the GRAND FINALE will be held offline with these women coming together to celebrate their victories. They will walk the ramp in those couture gowns while adorning those beautiful crowns.

Until then, the team believes in giving an experience of a lifetime to every participant who will be groomed, and trained from the scratch by the best of industry experts (via online mode). What makes us stand out is that these candidates will not be judged based on their social backgrounds or physical attributes; the only factor that will help them win is their passion and their talent.


Our Vision

VogueStar represents a fraternity with a vision where women can express themselves in the most authentic ways. A rare space to encounter, indeed. The platform assures inclusivity while encouraging diversity. Women from all spheres will be coming together to create a shining realm of glitz and glamour. This symbolic process of passionate women coming together is not just a mere competition, rather it's a celebration of womanhood in its most natural form where each one of them finds an eternal sense of belonging; a space where they progress as individuals and as a group. If you ask, what makes VogueStar unique is that we support these women in finding their voice, and their identity while retaining their solid sense of self.

Our Aim

The goal that VogueStar wishes to carry forward as a legacy is to “redefine the conventional.” As opposed to the conventional beauty pageants; your shape, size, color, and all those beauty standards will not play a role in our brand’s judgment of you. The idea is to give enough space to passionate women who are eager to work towards building their identities. Competition comes later, the experience is what takes away the credibility in the longer run. And that is where the platform fits in: the aim is to offer an experience of a lifetime.

Kirti Choudhary

Founder, VogueStar

A go-getter with an inclusive vision!

Kirti Choudhary’s background boasts of a powerful mix of administration, management, and politics, with finally becoming a force of her own with VogueStar. With an MBA in Marketing & HR, her work ethic found its ground in her first step as a counselor. This continued only until she realized that her voice resonated with the larger idea of empowering women. The respective motive from hereon came into action through politics where she contested Legislative Assembly elections from Fazilka, Punjab with the name Kirti Fazilka (find her entire campaign documented with this name on Facebook). Kirti’s tenure with politics did not fulfill her ultimate vision leading her to return to the corporate world. Later, being a Marketing Head at Isobar Restaurant was another of her successful stint that followed. Finally, after doing one super successful show (Miss/Mrs. India, 2021) as the Director of an Event Management organization, Kirti gathered her experiences and culminated them into VogueStar, a platform that she curated primarily for women. With VogueStar, she aims to give equal opportunity to women from across the country irrespective of their backgrounds. The platform will become a medium to acknowledge the efforts of women who are passionate about making a difference in society. Giving these women opportunities based on their skills is what the platform will incorporate including the fact that all the employees in the team will also be females. Training these women and making them a better version of themselves is the ultimate vision. Her ground, thus, stands firm with her positive outlook on life. Voguestar will culminate her vision into reality while ensuring that her larger motive "redefines the conventional".