Brand Story

VogueStar began with the idea of creating a safe space for women to express themselves freely. Moreover, the goal, in the long run, will be to create opportunities for these women to flourish and make a mark for themselves in society irrespective of their backgrounds and physical attributes.

Our Vision

VogueStar represents a fraternity with a vision where women can express themselves in the most authentic ways. A rare space to encounter, indeed. The platform assures inclusivity while encouraging diversity. Women from all spheres will be coming together to create a shining realm of glitz and glamour. This symbolic process of passionate women coming together is not just a mere competition, rather it's a celebration of womanhood in its most natural form where each one of them finds an eternal sense of belonging; a space where they progress as individuals and as a group. If you ask, what makes VogueStar unique is that we support these women in finding their voice, and their identity while retaining their solid sense of self.

How It Works?


Registration and Audition

When you dare to begin, you're halfway there.
Register yourself to begin your journey and audition to be a part of a community of spirited and resolute women!


Participation form

May not be the most thrilling but extremely important step to making it official.
Once we've got the paperwork out of the way, we're all set to help you become the best you!


Training and grooming sessions

You are your greatest asset. Spend your time, energy, and effort enhancing it.
Receive workshops and training from the best in business to prepare yourself to take the world by storm!


Rounds of selection

Don't overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You're better than you think.
Carefully curated competition process to help you channel your inner star.


Announcement of city and State winners

Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is.
Announcing the next batch of future leaders all across the country and a celebration of womanhood before the showdown.


Grand finale

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Bringing together winners together to crown the ultimate star and to give a remarkable start to her journey of changing the world, one rhinestone at a time!