VogueStar is a unique platform organizing beauty pageants Miss/Mrs India. We’re creating a community of women who can break out of the stereotypes and become a stronger version of themselves.
VogueStar conducts virtual audition on a regular basis for selecting candidates for Miss and Mrs India
The first step for appearing for audition is to fill the registration form. Once the registration form is filled, the customer support team contacts you with more details.
Registration is free of cost.
Audition fee is INR 1000 (inclusive of GST)
You do not need to travel for audition. You can appear for audition virtually through Zoom.
Registration form can be filled directly on our website www.voguestar.co.in
Our customer support team will brief you about the audition process. You will be guided thoroughly and taken through the complete details.
After the audition you receive an Audition Certificate. Once you get selected in the Audition, you become a part of extensive Training and Grooming sessions for 4 months.
The training sessions are designed to help you in becoming the best version of yourselves. A team of trainers including Image Consultants, Ramp walk Experts, Pageant Groomers, Nutritionists, Fitness Experts etc. groom you once a week for these 4 months.